CentOS 7 Automated reboot after kernel update

When using applications like yum-cron to update the installed packages automatically there will be times when the kernel has been updated.

Instead of checking every machine if a reboot is needed I use the following cron script to automate the reboot.

The following cron script is place in /etc/cron.daily/reboot_on_kernel_update

#!/usr/bin/env bash

LATEST_KERNEL=$(rpm -q --last kernel | perl -pe 's/^kernel-(\S+).*/$1/' | head -1)
CURRENT_KERNEL=$(uname -r)

    MAIL_BODY="The kernel has been updated from $CURRENT_KERNEL to $LATEST_KERNEL on $HOSTNAME. Because of this a reboot has been issued. // Kernel update monitor"
    mail -s "$HOSTNAME: Kernel update monitor" $EMAIL_RECIPIENT <<< $MAIL_BODY

Remember to make the script executable…


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