CentOS 7: Display DHCP assigned IP addresses console prompt

In my network I depend on (statically) DHCP assigned IP-addresses for my servers and sometimes the DNS and DHCP might be somehow off-sync.

So in order to easily access a server that either got an invalid or unknown IP-address, I modified the standard console prompt to display the actual IP-addresses for that server.

This can easily be done by editing the /etc/issue file

Kernel \r on an \m

Hostname: \n
Domain: \O
Users: \U
IP Addresses:
    Public: \4{eth0} Backbone: \4{eth1}

The switches above are replaced as follows:
* \S – OS/Distribution release
* \r – Kernel version
* \m – Architecture
* \n – The node name
* \O – The domain name
* \U – # Logged in users
* \4{ifc} – The IP-address of ifc

More switches can be found by issuing the command

$ man agetty

So whenever a server becomes “missing” I just need to open the virtualisation environment and look at the login prompt.


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